TempDay puts you in control of your dental staffing needs

As an employer in the dental industry, you know it is critical to be fully staffed at all times. Employee call-outs and sick days are an unfortunate but inevitable part of your work life. When it happens, cancelling your appointments is not an option so you rely on temporary staffing to fill in.

Temps are great but traditional temp agencies are not. They are slow and out of date. You place a call to them and they start manually calling a list of professionals, hoping somebody is available. If they get a response in time, they will send an unknown employee to you. You should not have to wait and you should have the ability to choose who works for you.

We developed TempDay to put you in control of your staffing needs. Why deal with a middle-man staffing agency when you can directly connect with available dental professionals in your area instantly? With just a few clicks, TempDay will show a list of professionals near you that match your job requirements. You can browse their profile which includes ratings/reviews, qualifications, work history, education, picture and more before choosing to offer them a job. Wouldn’t it be great to choose who will work for you?

The prospective employee will be alerted of your offer immediately. You will be alerted when they accept the job and you can rest assured knowing that you will be fully staffed again.

Besides being convenient and efficient, TempDay is very affordable. Job posts are always FREE and all temporary placements are just $34.95 per day worked. Permanent job placement fees start at $249. See our complete fee table here.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or send us an email.

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