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Create The Perfect TempDay Profile

Put in the Time to Make Your Profile Shine!

The more complete your profile, the better the chances that you will stand out to potential Employer’s. It’s also important after an Employer has found your profile: He or she wants to know what your competencies are, where you’ve worked, and what people think of you. So, don’t get lazy, fill out every single section of your profile. Remember that TempDay is here to help you with your profile creation.


  • Job Role – also known as your JOB TITLE
  • Job Scope – Job Requirements and Skills requirements
  • Job Description – Job Specifications and Position Description

Be Super Excited

Let your smile shine through your profile.  This shows motivation and excitement, the most exciting people to hire are the people who are the most excited about what they do. Create your profile with great enthusiasm! You’re your number one fan so fly your cheerleader flag and let it shine!!!

Choose a Fantastic Photo

Choose a clear, friendly, and appropriately professional image to upload into your profile. Keep in mind that this is the Employers first impression of you so make sure that your photo shines with your personality!

Treat Your Profile Like Your Resume. Fill in all the blanks: Make your BIO outshine everyone else’s!

Your BIO doesn’t have to be just your education; instead, use this section to gracefully showcase your specialty, value, or what makes you outshine over everyone else! The more specific you can be about what sets you apart from other job seekers, the better.


  • Degree Name – “A.S. Degree or B.S. Degree”
  • School Name – Pierce College
  • Field of Study – Dental Hygiene
  • Professional Memberships – ADHA, ADA, NDA
  • Description – Get Personal. Your BIO is not a resume! Be interpersonal, as if you are having a conversation with someone. Force your personality onto your profile. Let people know your values and passions. In your BIO, discuss what you do outside of work.

Your resume isn’t just a list of job duties (or, at least, it shouldn’t be), it’s a place to highlight your best accomplishments. Same goes for your TempDay profile: Make sure your experience section is shined out with bullet points that describe what you did, how well you did it, and who it impacted.

Add your current and past Employers and Experiences

Add your current and past work employer’s and experiences. Most Employer’s will not seek this information if it is not automatically provided.  Make sure to list this so that you do not get overlooked based on lack of information.  Use this to your advantage: Add your company websites, projects you’ve worked on, or anything else that can provide a more multimedia look at your work.


  • Title – Job title
  • Company- Dr. Smiles Office
  • Location – Auburn, WA
  • Description – Show your achievements! Employer’s spend countless hours scouring through resumes in search of the right candidate, a high performer. Knowing this, you’ll serve yourself well to market yourself as a high performer in your summary and experience section (think action words, accomplishments, talking about times you’ve been promoted or hand-picked for projects).

Add Projects, Volunteer Experiences, or Languages

Do you speak Tagalog? Volunteer for Kids get Care? Adding these “additional” profile features (listed under competencies when you’re editing your profile) is a great way to shine your unique skills and experiences and stand out from the rest.

Update Your Status

Just like on Facebook, you can update your TempDay Profile availability as often as you wish. By keeping your availability current, it will keep the Employers up to date with available help. Any office in your radius will see your updates when they do their search.